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Good evening, listeners.
These songs were, for the most part, created for a radio show called "RE:Composition" on New York's WEXT in 2006.
The show featured these mixes, and a few more, in an hour long format I had complete freedom to musically design.
It was also aired on a station called WBKK, a classical station pushing its boundaries a bit.
So I knew I was potentially mixing for a classical listener, which was a cool challenge.
Rather than working with rock and rap hits, I was cutting up those well-known orchestral hooks,
and working to enrich the sweet, sacred atmosphere of these traditional songs.
I guess as a result, it's pretty chill in terms of the yuletide vibe, baby.(clinks glass).
The RE:Composition Radio Show was first aired on December 16th, 2006.
It was aired several times that December, but most of these tracks have not seen the light of day since.
So here they are, the complete collection, brushed up, re-compiled, and re-wrapped for your listening pleasure in 2010!
Merry Christmas!

-dj BC

Mixed by dj BC for WEXT.

Tracks 1-5 utilize recordings from "The Nutcracker," by John Lanchbery (Conductor) with the Philharmonia Orchestra. All other tracks are remixes using Gregg Miner recordings, with the exception of Track 9, which is a remix of Steve Schuch and The Night Heron Orchestra.

Thanks to Chris Wienk.
Props to the original artists.
Email me at bob at djbc dot net with issues or questions.

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